Jelly Belly

About Jelly Belly

The trademark shape immediately brings a smile to your face. This inherent joy and fun is what we love most about Jelly Belly.

Jelly Belly Candy Company is a family owned California based company dating back to 1869. Their most famous creation came in 1965 when the team created mini jelly beans with flavour infused in the centre of the bean as well as the shell. To this day Jelly Belly jelly beans go through a process which takes 7-14 days to create each bean, such is the craftsmanship involved.

Since the early days the range has expanded to almost every imaginable flavour, all offering an incredible true to life experience. Nowadays Jelly Belly can be enjoyed in numerous formats perfect for every occasion from gift boxes to small pouches & share bags. The range has expanded to include the Beanboozled line of products and Harry Potter chocolate, Jelly Beans & sweets.

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